TK Stained Glass Design

Wall-hung Lamps & Clocks


TKD271 Flowers 1

Contains 9 designs: Gardenia, Clematis, Lily, Rose, Camellia, Garbella, Pansy, Azalea, Cattleya


TKD272 Flowers 2

Contains 9 designs: Gladiolus, Magnolia Grandiflora, Campanula Medium, Camellia, Vinca Major, Peony, Iris, Morning Glory, Sunflower

Fittings & Clocks

TKP201S Wall-hung Lamp Set
Contains TKP201P, a Cord Set with butterfly clip, two screws and an instruction note.

TKP201P Wall-hung Fitting

TKP251 Clock Parts Set


Price List & How to Order


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